Do not create stressful children

Parents should be the ones who love and care their children. They give and provide everything so that the children will get success and behave well. However, sometimes parents do not realize that they are the source of their children stress. What about you? Do you feel so? Many parents deny that they create stressful children and perhaps you do. You feel that you have worked so hard in caring and applying proper parenting method to your children, so it is impossible that your child becomes stressful because of you. On the contrary, the facts show that there is high possibility that you are the source of this problem. The bad treatments you apply to your child affect her future and your relationship with your child.

Look at the home rules that you apply. The rules are created to make your child understand about routines and discipline. They also work to make your child become independence. However, too strict rules will not be good because your child will not be able to develop herself freely. In this case, you need to explain why the rules are set and your child should feel comfortable in applying the home rules. Think whether you say too many “don’t” to your child or not. If you do, you can be considered as the source of your child stress. Let her play outside when the weather is nice. Let her go swimming with her friends and let her go to her friend’s home. Your child needs to increase her knowledge and experiences. If you forbid her to do something, you should explain the reasons, so your child will not think negatively of you.

It is also forbidden to label your child negatively, especially for the simple mistakes she has done. When you label your child as a naughty, stupid, lazy, or slow, you are at the same time create the child as you have labeled. Those negative words will stick on her mind and she will act as a naughty or stupid girl. It is better for you to say more positive words, such as smart, nice, and active to boost her self confidence. Having good performance at school will be so great. But do not expect too much. There are many parents who expect that their children should be the best student at school. What you should do is encouraging your child to keep learning and giving reward for the achievement she has got. Telling her that you are proud of what she has done is much better to do rather than keep complaining about the B and B+ she got at school.