Love your children unconditionally

Raising children can be seen as an art because you cannot apply the same parenting style to them. Your children have different character and interest. Even when you have twins you will realize that they are different. It is an art because you can be so nice in the morning and perhaps a little bit strict in the evening. Every day, you will face different situation that makes you think fast to overcome the situation happens. Certain parents decide to love their children who behave well and treat the children with negative behavior badly. This is completely a mistake and you are forbidden to apply this parenting style to your children.

When your children behave badly, it is your tasks to fix their negative behavior. Try to understand the reasons and roots of their bad attitude and behavior. Then, you have to fix it step by step. No matter how badly they behave, you must love your children. The source of their negative behavior can be you. So, you cannot blame them. Apply the same standard when you have to discipline your children. You cannot a little bit calm to a child and yell to the other child when they make mistake. What many parents usually do is making reference of the bad behavior and constantly telling everyone about it. This is the big no no. After you give time out and your children realize their mistake and say sorry, you are suppose to encourage them to keep their good behavior.

There is nothing wrong to praise them and reward them once they change the bad into the good ones. Your children may feel proud on their good behavior and should never hear a story about the time when they were bad. Forget it and you have to behave as good parents also. It is not fair when you want your children to behave so well and you do not show any appreciation for the changes they have made. Show this as a part of your unconditional love to your children. No matter how bad they behave, there are wide opportunities to change into the good ones.