Raising a child needs more than just money

Nowadays, there are more parents who realize the needs of parenting skills in raising their children. It is easier for them to get parenting information and parenting classes are offered in many places. This should be good news for parents and parents to be. Applying proper parenting skills increases your opportunity to success as a parent. This is surely not easy because the situation is much more different compared to when you were child. So, you cannot apply the same parenting style that your parents had applied on you twenty or thirty years ago. Parents today should be smarter and more active.

However, there are still some parents who think that enough money is the basic of good parenting. They believe that money will be able to provide all the children needs. Well, it can be true because children need books, clothes, proper home, health care, education, and others. That is considered as the traditional form of parenting. Today, you have to realize that your children need more things rather than just money. You have to provide unconditional love and affection to build their mental and psychological side. In this case you cannot deliver the task to the nanny or baby sitter. You have to do the tasks yourselves. In addition, your children should feel safe when they are near you, not near the nanny of course.

Indeed, there are some tasks that you can deliver to the other person, such as preparing the meals, wash and iron the clothes, and wash the dishes. But, there are also some tasks that you cannot ask another person to replace you. For example, feeding or breastfeeding your baby, helping your toddler to take a bath, guiding your child to do homework, attending your child sport event, having dinner together, and many more activities. Money helps you to provide your children physical needs, but it does nothing to do with the emotion, mental, and psychological factors. Expensive toys, clothes, and video games cannot replace your tasks to love your children.